Heritage Homes and Sites


Heritage Homes and Sites

Barriefield’s Cultural Heritage Landscapes

It is striking how many historic images of Barriefield show views of the village that remain largely unchanged.


The Cataraqui or Penny Bridge, built in 1829, as it appeared late in the 19th century. After crossing the bridge the road passed in front of the Royal Navy Yard (now the Royal Military College) and then forked…. Read More

Some Interesting Houses

The following is a brief look at historic pictures of Barriefield buildings juxtaposed with current images of the same buildings. Many have been carefully maintained and, in some cases, restored. Because Barriefield is a Heritage Conservation District as recognized under the Ontario Heritage Act, the owners of buildings in the village are legally obliged to follow procedures outlined in the Act and in the Conservation District Plan before proceeding with any changes or alterations….. Read More


The Creation of Barriefield Village

In 1814, at the height of the War of 1812, the Hon. Richard Cartwright, a local businessman, recognized an opportunity to the east of Kingston, adjacent to the Military Reserve. He divided into town lots the western hillside part of one of his Loyalist Grants, Lot 21 east of the Cataraqui River, and began to sell them.Soon occupied by officers, armourers, boat builders, butchers, coopers and masons from the nearby Naval Dockyard and Fort Henry, the settlement was named Barriefield in 1820 for Commodore Robert Barrie, Commissioner of the dockyard. The townsite survey was based on a grid pattern… Read More


Views of Main Street

mainS-1 mainS-2

Main Street looking north about 1910 See More